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The outgoing immigration minister also says Liberals stooped low to win.
One of the remarkable characteristics of children is that they remind us of our shared humanity. Children also possess an innate power, through their very existence alone, to incite compassion in even the most hardened of hearts. Perhaps that was the purpose behind yesterdays publication of the photograph of a young Syrian boy named Aylan, whose lifeless body had washed ashore while on a treacherous voyage to Greece. Aylan's photo transcended the statistics we are often presented with. But it is far too easy to become lost in the daily reportage and statistics, and as such overlook the core issues facing the crisis.
"Mr. Alexander, you’re actually countering your own point."
And Canada should be doing more for those seeking to flee the ongoing conflicts, the opposition parties said as debate began
OTTAWA - "(The government is) being very discriminatory when it comes to whom they are bringing in, and very reticent when
Communities are willing and able to take in those seeking shelter from the brutal violence in Syria, but changes are needed
Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, facing a series of tough questions about how many Syrian refugees have made
The UN agency responsible for refugees is calling on Canada to increase the number of Syrian refugees it is willing to resettle