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Chris Hadfield astronaut

After an out-of-this-world year (literally), Chris Hadfield may be entering an entirely new universe -- American television
Few people on Earth have the same perspective on the world as Chris Hadfield. The retired astronaut and former Commander
The moment that Chris Hadfield went from being a Canadian astronaut to a pop cultural icon was May 12, 2013, when the first
Seek grace, find ways to give back, and more.
That's not Photoshop. Hadfield got in the make-up chair for the cover shoot. Two Words: Space Burrito He's An Inspiration
On Earth, people look up at the clouds and see different shapes. But up in space, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield looks
When you think of space food, your mind may conjure up images of meals mashed into unrecognizable goo and stuffed into tubes
Chris Hadfield is a busy man. The Canadian astronaut is currently under quarantine in Russia, going through a series of pre