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Canadian spaceman Chris Hadfield has a new book coming out. Around 150 photos — which he hasn't shared on social media — are
Seek grace, find ways to give back, and more.
Ground control to major Tom, take your protein pills and put your t-shirt on. Thanks to funky t-shirt makers Human, you can
Instead, the southern Ontario farmboy-turned-astronaut was dragged out of a tiny Soyuz capsule in Kazakhstan on Monday night
When a lot of people think about going to space they feel something roughly equivalent to the sensation of drinking 20 tequila
Get ready to give up your amateur photography hobby. Canada's Chris Hadfield, International Space Station commander and coolest
International Space Station commander Chris Hadfield has been doing plenty of crazy things in space lately, but his latest
On Earth, people look up at the clouds and see different shapes. But up in space, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield looks