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We need to talk about your flair.
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The keeper of your treasured presents should look fresh throughout the holidays, after all.
Last year, we exported almost $30 million in fresh-cut trees to the United States and another $32.6 million in trees to the rest of the world. When combining the $60+ million that Canadians spent on real trees last year, it all adds up to a $125 million contribution to our rural economy.
I am not one of those moms that is stoked to decorate for the holidays. I am just not. I find it inconvenient. I find that it clutters up my house. I hate the colours green and red! I don't like the temporary nature of decorations, because as soon as you put them up, it's time to take them down.
TORONTO - The lower loonie will put more money in the pockets of Canadian Christmas tree exporters this year, just as the
Condo owners know when the holiday season comes around, it can be hard to get too excited about decorating your home — because
With Twelfth Night fast approaching, tradition demands the packing away of the Christmas decorations, and necessity demands
Phil, like most Jewish men, myself included, not very handy with tools. Not very good with manual stuff. Our hands were for playing the violin, ball hockey, golf and tennis. Not for cutting down trees. Luckily, Phil was able to retain some red flannel-shirt wearing, tattooed, woodsman, or woods person, on staff, to cut down Phil's tree and mount it on his Hyundai.