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christy clark teachers strike

You should have been walking across the stage this week at commencement, along with all your peers who started school with you in 2001. You should have been with them, celebrating the end of 13 years of schooling. You had been with them, all excited at the start. But by the end of your Grade 1 year, it became apparent that learning was not going to be easy for you.
A B.C. psychologist whose viral letter outlined how he was docked pay despite working 70 hours of unpaid overtime will get
I'm not saying "do" or "don't" walk out. You're rational beings. You have your own brains. You can make your own decisions. And I can't physically stop you from exiting a building. Most of you are bigger than me by the end of Grade 8, anyway. But I do hope that you make informed choices. That you really understand what you're doing and why you're doing it.
We, the citizens and taxpayers of B.C., are both the consumers of and investors in the education system. It's a bit like being the dealer and the player at a high stakes poker game. You'd think the odds were in our favour, but no. This particular high-staked game is rigged and the deck is stacked against us. But if every gambler just walked out, there wouldn't be much of a casino to run, now would there?