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Churchill Manitoba

Fun fact: Belugas are the only whales with flexible necks.
Bordered by the Hudson Bay, home to some of the country's most fascinating wildlife, and littered with charming cities and small towns, Manitoba is a place that will help you recognize the true heart of Canada. Discover just how wild this province can be by experiencing these four things you can only do in Manitoba.
Signs of serious trouble began a decade ago in Churchill, Man.
Guests here pay up to $7,695 to spend three nights in the mobile hotel, which takes them into polar bear habitat at the start
As the ice breaks up during the middle of the summer, polar bears come onto the land to congregate on the shores of western
First Nations women are being taken from urban and rural areas of Manitoba and Ontario and are sold into slavery, sent by ship from Thunder Bay to Duluth, Minnesota. As the MP for Churchill and the Status of Women Critic for the Official Opposition, I must call upon the federal government to react effectively to these allegations of terrible violence.
I cried when I saw a polar bear struggling to find a patch of ice to hunt seal on -- this year the ice is forming three weeks later than it should be because of global warming; you could tell the bear was hungry and confused by the fact his natural habitat was dissolving around him.