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Ninety per cent of Danes would support a ban.
"Cultural perceptions should never drive our parenting decisions."
For some of my patients, there are religious or cultural beliefs that will guide their decision. For others, it may be that the baby's father is circumcised, or not, that is the driving force in their decision. As an obstetrician, I'm often asked, "What does the science say?"
A great medical stride has been made: a fully functional penis has been successfully transplanted onto an 21-year-old man
I was sitting on a bench inside the military court that day, accompanied by a military intelligence agent, waiting for my military judge to arrive in the courtroom. It was a spring day, in April 2011, just few months after the revolution started. It was the fifth time I was detained in Egypt because of my activism. It isn't that I can understand the situations of people facing injustice from afar, I can feel their pain, because it's my pain as well.
An important decision needs to be made if you are expecting a boy, or if you have recently welcomed a little man to the world: whether to circumcise him. For some families, cultural and religious beliefs make the decision an easy one. But for others, the choice may not seem as clear cut... no pun intended.
In a march taking place in Vancouver this weekend, people who believe forced circumcision on both male and female newborns
When the German state of Cologne tried to ban circumcision last week, I just had to laugh. To humans, that sloppy appendage is a living punch line, the bumbling member that gets men into trouble, more often than not. I can see why god would feel the need to dictate rules and regulations when it comes to the upper head. But the lower one? That's just weird.
The Jewish and Muslim communities have recently expressed international outrage and concern about a German court ruling that apparently limits the freedom of those wishing to practice a ritual circumcision. Any attack upon this ritual should be viewed -- and has historically been viewed -- as an existential attack upon the Jewish people. But it is not entirely clear that circumcision is under attack in Germany...
A regional court in Cologne, Germany has effectively banned the circumcision of young boys, subject only to medical exception. Such a position has been proposed by various individuals and groups throughout the Western world, and can be refuted along several lines. Male circumcision does not belong in genital mutilation category so long as both parents consent to the procedure and, most importantly, it is performed competently.