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Clarity Act

Below the surface of the proposed British exit from the European Union is a sense of great consternation in the smaller countries that make up the United Kingdom. Having lived, studied and worked throughout the U.K. for the past two years, the divisions within the country are striking and broader than most North Americans realize.
"It was not part of my dream to become minister of foreign affairs, but now that I have the responsibility, I am ecstatic with it.”
“If he says, say 60 per cent, he’ll be crushed in Quebec.”
As a proud Canadian, it bothers me that NDP leader Tom Mulcair -- who had no qualms about interfering in previous Ontario by-elections on the side of NDP candidates -- refused to take a side in the Québec election. The NDP dodged a bullet this time -- fortunately! -- but such an irresponsible position should not be rewarded in 2015.
The only way to earn the backing of Canada's eastern provinces for Senate reform would be to rip open Canada's fundamental law once more, putting everything back on the table and possibly plunging the country into yet another national unity crisis. This could set Canada back by years, if not decades.
The House of Commons has already recognized Quebec as a nation. Nations decide their own future. I encourage you to rise in support of the Bloc Québécois bill to repeal the Clarity Act. Its passage will not create a legal black hole -- quite the contrary. It will remove a yoke from Quebec's democracy.
2012-04-27-mediabitesreal.jpg Much fuss has been made lately about a proposed NDP motion to water down the rules of Quebec seccession via a couple edits to the "Clarity Act." But this bill has about a cheese curd's chance in gravy of becoming law.
Mischief might be the primary goal of the Bloc Québécois's attempt to abolish the Clarity Act, but it should not prove as
The Liberal loss in seats in 2008 was widely blamed on Mr. Dion
Gone are the days when Jack Layton could rush up to anyone with a microphone and shoot from the lip. Now that he's the Opposition leader, every word will be evaluated for its impact on the whole country.