Still, Monday is expected to be the biggest online shopping day ever, with estimates that it will rack up over $3 billion
Canadians are among the biggest online addicts in the world, visiting more sites and spending more time on the internet than
TORONTO - As Canadians continue to get hooked on their smartphones, tablets and streaming video they're almost doubling the
TORONTO - Canadians are on the verge of passing a major mobile milestone, according to measurement firm comScore. Of all
TORONTO - About 16 per cent of Canadian adults said they no longer watch any conventional TV and strictly stream online content
Last week, comScore released a white paper titled "The Economics of Online Advertising," that looked at the state of online advertising. You may think that online advertising is the future, and that as media dollars shift to digital (because that's where the eyeballs are) that online will be able to better serve brands in terms of delivering higher relevancy with better metrics. It turns out, that after close to two decades since the first online ad was served, that our industry still has a ways to go.
TORONTO - Every day, the average Canadian Internet user spends about an hour watching 10 videos online, according to new