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Events all over the world are facing cancellation as the outbreak spreads.
Within each work day, there are only so many hours you have to produce your best, which is why it's important to maximize and monitor the time you spend on anything. This of course leads to the difference between working more versus working smarter.
It's 10:30 p.m. on Sunday, and there are 200 people watching a "dive-in" movie on a big screen from the pool and the hot
Cross-marketing itself is not a new phenomenon, but there are many more layers to it in the digital age. "The kid business has always been transmedia," said Ken Faier, president of Nerd Corps. Keeping their focus on the fans and delivering different content at the same time on different media platforms, where their fans would be, works very successfully with games, toys and other associated merchandise.
What is it about big corporate sponsors that they don't get that the hard sell just doesn't work any more and that they'd win over more customers if they just gave useful information instead of the sales pitch on how wonderful they are? Boring the audience does not win people over. So here's my tips to corporate sponsors.
So a talking yam and a New Kid walk into a conference... Blissdom Canada From Oct. 13 to 15, Toronto hosted the second annual
The word "conference" has developed bit of a bad reputation as of late. CEOs and community organizers have begun to think of the word "conference" as being synonymous with "boring," "tedious" or "unoriginal." And they're right.