conservative leadership race 2017

Rebel Media is also running a petition in his favour.
The ex-Conservative leadership hopeful hosted a fundraiser with Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran.
He raised a lot more than eventual winner Andrew Scheer.
If Leader Andrew Scheer wants to unify and bring forward a stronger Conservative Party to Canadians in 2019 like he has said he will do, he needs to address his legitimacy concerns properly, to both campaigns and supporters of the party, in order to restore conservative grassroots' faith in the party establishment.
The party will demand "that they destroy the list.''
"We regret that this incident has occurred. "
Scheer won with 44 per cent of the vote.
The economy. Justin Trudeau. Free speech. His deceased mother. ISIS. On every subject, no matter how sad or serious, Andrew Scheer would smirk. It was, well, weird. His rictus was so off-putting, we started to forget what he was actually saying. Which, for him, was pretty fortunate.
The new Conservative leader called the role a great honour, but an even greater responsibility.
Quebec MP sends release lauding another candidate.