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Conservative Party leadership

I am here because I care about the future of the Conservative party and Canada, and I am exercising my right to participate in our democracy! Win or lose is not the point. My voice is valuable in this race.
O'Leary wants the top job of Prime Minister, but he won't run in any upcoming vacant ridings because he doesn't want to sit in Parliament as an MP. That should tell you what he thinks about the men and women who give up lucrative jobs in the private sector to work as public servants. Because an MP is a public servant, accountable to Canadian voters, sworn to serve Canada.
The world is changing rapidly. We have witnessed the success of the Brexit campaign in the UK, and the victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. Amid the social and political turmoil, some political groups and social movements are emerging to exploit this climate of tension and fear and make political and financial gains out of it. Canada has not been immune of this.
Well, that's something.
If Leitch officially declares her candidacy soon, she could be the first in the race to replace Stephen Harper.
John Baird will not seek to replace Stephen Harper as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada. The former high-profile
Baird surprised many early this year when he announced he was ending a 20-year political career at both the Ontario and federal levels
The Niagara Falls MP said he wants to replace outgoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper on an interim basis.
Speculation about the former Toronto city councillor's return to politics has hit a fever pitch.