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He says the focus should be on regional stations outside of Toronto and Montreal.
In Canada, arts and culture are at a crossroads. They can either move forward or backward, depending on the choices we make. For them to move forward, it will be more than ever necessary for the federal government to play a leading role. The Liberals, under Justin Trudeau's leadership, are determined to make Canada, more than ever, a place where cultural expression is created and enjoyed whatever its roots, foreign or domestic.
Canada’s Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, facing a series of tough questions about how many Syrian refugees have made
OTTAWA - A number of journalist groups are asking Canadians to write to their MPs to demand changes to a controversial bill
OTTAWA –The CBC could see even deeper cuts than the 10 per cent reduction the Heritage Minister has discussed, federal Liberals
Heritage Minister James Moore wants to slash CBC’s budget by 10 per cent, The Huffington Post has learned. Although a government