Liberals are accusing the Conservatives of systematically blocking the government’s legislative agenda.
Liberal MP Jennifer O’Connell said Gallant is spreading “disgusting and dangerous lies.”
“China is acting with the intent to destroy” Uighurs, Erin O’Toole says.
"Buy American" and environmental policies could threaten Canadian jobs, the Conservative leader says.
The Conservative leader said he was once willing to give his former leadership rival the benefit of the doubt, but no longer.
Erin O'Toole wants to give him the boot for accepting a donation from a white supremacist.
He said the Conservatives are a “moderate, pragmatic, mainstream party."
While the Liberals want a majority, other parties are looking to break through.
“If we reach the court deadline and nothing has changed, there will be no adequate safeguards in Quebec for those whose death is not reasonably foreseeable."