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cord cutting

But there's one thing keeping many viewers from cutting the cord altogether.
Some U.S. TV shows could disappear from Canadian networks as U.S. broadcasters set up their own streaming services.
But conventional TV is still bleeding money.
Still, the TV providers are hanging in there.
'Tis but a scratch!
The crux of the problem is that the same companies who control the distribution of television in Canada also create or licence programming, giving them a stranglehold on the medium AND the message. This means they have zero incentive to break up the cable bundle or go beyond the letter of CRTC regulation to actually provide or promote options that fit the lifestyle of today's consumers.
Maybe they can, but they haven't yet.
Streaming services really aren't hurting the cable giants too badly.
Some 190,000 Canadian homes ditched cable and satellite last year.
"There's nothing good on TV these days."