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Let these inspire your own Cancon Halloween costumes this year!
"There's no reason to go up to someone at a con and grab you."
A hijab makes for an excellent hairpiece.
Holy costumes, Batman!
It's hard to find a display of passion and fandom that's more misunderstood (deliberately or unintentionally) than Fan Expo Canada, and that's why I went there on behalf of the Huffington Post Canada. I went ahead and asked some cosplayers about those aspects of their lives myself, amongst other things.
It's hard to upstage the amazing cosplay at Comic-Con but this year, celebrities nearly outshone their rabid fans on the
The main draw of any convention are the celebrity guests that are booked to attend. As always, this year's Fan Expo features a very impressive guest list, which includes Firefly's Nathan Fillion, Star Trek's Zachary Quinto, wrestling legend Hulk Hogan, and a number of cast members from The Walking Dead. Plan ahead, or risk missing out on your favourite celebrities!
By Nick Krewen | Samaritanmag From The Vault (2011) Despite what George Lucas and his Star Wars franchise
Cosplay -- dressing in costume as characters from comics, science fiction or anime -- is a worldwide phenomenon that thousands of couples, from nerds to neurologists, have embraced as a way to indulge in some healthy escapism while simultaneously having a blast with each other at comic conventions.