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Cottages are hugely sentimental, and emotions often run high when heirs try to work out an ownership agreement amongst themselves.
Why drive into town when you can boat?
"A home of this value… they don’t sell every day in Muskoka."
“It’s definitely something everybody wants, doesn’t mean it’s something everybody is able to attain at this point.”
A second home purchase is a big deal. A furnished, comfy, home away from home in the likes of Lake Tahoe or Daytona Beach comes with spectacular scenery, an even better climate and a price tag. But vacation homes don't have to exist only in your dreams.
Whether it's the thought of enjoying the sunsets on the deck or the soothing sound of water at your doorstep, owning a cottage is a dream for many Canadians. If you're contemplating buying a vacation property, it's critical that you weigh the costs against the rewards.
It’s summer and Canadians are flocking to cottage country to soak up the sun, have some fun in the water and maybe knock
Canadians sometime get the worst of the worst -- just take the icy cold winters and scorching hot summers for starters. Try
Cottage season officially launches this month, and with that in mind, HuffPost decided to take a look at the most outrageously
I'm sharing my cottage experience to make you feel better about the long weekend no matter your plans. Because if you're going to a cottage, you'll be making enduring memories of special time spent with family and friends. But if you're not, you'll be saving yourself an untold amount of aggravation, revulsion, and cash.