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You'd have thought Maclean's would have blazoned the death of Section 13 all over its front cover. With a massive headline along the lines of "SCREW YOU, CENSORS!!!" Or "WE WON!!!" Instead, the cover featured a generic picture of an innocuous youngish woman and an innocuous youngish man grinning maniacally and the silly headline: "The majority of us are singles. So why do we still live in a couples world?"
Whether you think it's cute, tacky or just plain cheesy, celebrities all around town are being caught dressing up to match
"Why do men marry mean girls?" Rebecca asks me. She's almost in tears, and my heart aches for her. Rebecca's a beautiful
Imagine knowing from the early days of your relationship that your partner was 'the one.' This was the case for a Canadian
We've heard all of this before: eating chocolate can arouse you, an oyster's zinc has a positive effect on the libido, pumpkin
You're overworked. You're tired. Your kids are driving you nuts, your job is driving you nuts and you feel like you haven't