The former Goldman Sachs banker flew to the U.A.E. earlier this month.
And three out of four don't have a financial plan, polling suggests.
A new ranking says Canada has one of the best retirement plans around, but there may be a debt-related downside.
The increases will raise payroll costs and leave employers even less room to maneuver and make adjustments.
CoreCivic and GEO Group have gained from Trump's increased spending on Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.
Funeral homes say the flat $2,500 isn't enough.
Overall, the picture is very different from that portrayed by our politicians.
At a time when countries around the world are phasing out coal operations, the Investment Fund is holding billions of dollars in coal operations. Canada is far behind in meeting its carbon reduction obligations, and burning coal is the single greatest threat to our climate.
The Fraser Institute has argued recently that the federal government has failed to make a convincing case for Canada Pension Plan (CPP) expansion. But their viewpoint depends heavily on trying to determine how much income Canadians need to retire with dignity. So, do we really need an expanded CPP?
The Commons finance committee is holding an emergency meeting to discuss the plan.