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crack cocaine scandal

The Ford base is holding and it is energized. Its members are bursting at the seams to exercise their democratic rights and vote for their man who they still believe respects them, their hard-earned tax dollars and who best represents their interests. That's democracy, folks.
On Friday, Toronto city council, through a series of quick and overwhelming motions, stripped Mayor Rob Ford of some of his mayoral powers. This is a win for city council, but also a win for Mayor Ford. Notwithstanding further revelations damaging to Ford, Ford and council can now argue that the city is functioning perfectly well. And these are mere distractions, which do not interfere with council carrying on important city business. Council has inoculated Ford against further attack.
I think all those years of drinking fancy tea at David's Teas, sipping Almond Milk at Whole Foods and eating organic beef from Rowe Farms, where everybody knows your cow's name, may be the cause. I don't think even 30 days of rehab in Scarborough will do the trick. But I will try one more time to explain the populist and enduring appeal of the Ford phenomenon. I have known and met many members of Ford Nation in the last few years. I have met them at coffee shops, restaurants and in their homes. I have met them at Ford Fests. The bulk of Ford's support is in the cities of Etobicoke, North York and Scarborough.
The press argues that the sight of Ford in the video, the surrounding circus, crisis and noise will render Ford incapable of doing his job and thus justify his voluntary resignation. With respect, I beg to differ. Rob Ford has the rare ability to focus and execute on his political/public agenda, notwithstanding the messiness of his personal life. During the first three years of Ford's term, he was hit with numerous law suits, investigations, and judicial inquiries. A lesser man would have cracked under the pressure.