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craig scott

A defeated NDP MP says he does not trust prime minister-designate Justin Trudeau to fulfil his bold promise to reform Canada's
Craig Scott says many Grits arrogantly waited "for the messiah to take them back to the promised land."
OTTAWA — The Conservative government’s new election bill will result in voter suppression for Canadian citizens who live
On Wednesday afternoon, MPs will debate an NDP motion to have the Commons collectively avow that the next election "should
As a proud Canadian, it bothers me that NDP leader Tom Mulcair -- who had no qualms about interfering in previous Ontario by-elections on the side of NDP candidates -- refused to take a side in the Québec election. The NDP dodged a bullet this time -- fortunately! -- but such an irresponsible position should not be rewarded in 2015.
Members of Parliament sometimes get a bad rap for behaving like kids in question period. They shout. They taunt. Sometimes
People who live 4,500k from the Toronto-Danforth riding read in the Vancouver Sun just last month that the Liberals were in a position to win; they'll now be reading about a "lacklustre, no name, uninspiring dud" candidate who blew the Liberals right out of the water. Imagine what that does for confidence in the Liberal brand.
NDP leadership candidate Brian Topp will not be among the seven people attempting to become the party's candidate in the