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criminal justice

One inmate died at the Saskatchewan Penitentiary from COVID-19 and dozens more are recovering.
Canada has a duty to protect its elderly and vulnerable prisoners, said Minister Bill Blair.
Those who share her heritage have expressed pride at her nomination, but others have pointed out that we can't ignore her historical stances on criminal justice.
Human rights groups demand Correctional Service Canada release prisoners amid the COVID-19 crisis.
A conversation with her attacker changed her life.
If our government wants to do something about delay, it should abandon Bill C-75 and look to more comprehensive methods that do not limit access to justice.
Taxpayers in Fredericton, across Canada should be concerned that police agencies are equipping officers with technology that hasn't been adequately tested.
What our criminal justice system needs is not mere fixes that further entrench the status quo and the adversarial, punishment-oriented and individualistic process we have now, but true transformational change.
There is a violent offender on the loose in Winnipeg -- and police are powerless to do anything about it. This individual has plagued the police and the community for years. He has not faced any consequences for his behaviour. Why? Because he is a 10-year-old boy, and under the law, he is too young to be charged.
I am thankful to Mandi Gray. It takes immense bravery to report sexual assault and endure an 18-month trial. Especially when confronting a system that regularly fails women. We have a system that was built broken and does not support survivors of sexual assault.