Police recently laid Canada’s first terrorism charge in an alleged misogynistic crime.
The spy agency is facing questions about the material it is keeping.
“It’s just outrageous, there’s no other word to describe it."
The police say no actual device was ever planted.
The refugee faces national security allegations despite never having been charged or convicted of a crime.
Civil liberties activists questioned the rationale for CSIS's interest, given that opposition to the project has been peaceful.
From mass surveillance to continuing the No Fly List, nearly all the "problematic" aspects of Bill C-51 remain unfixed.
We take an alert and clear-eyed view of the threat these terrorists pose.
The documents paint a fuller picture of how CSIS's secretive analysis centre exploits information collected by the spy service.
The RCMP feels that its voice and the voices of other law enforcement agencies aren't being heard in the government's public consultation on national security, which runs online until midnight PST December 15. Could something so weighted towards police powers have truly excluded the police?