The Canadian NXIVM survivor is glad "The Vow" didn't make her "the next Carole Baskin."
Sarah Edmondson said she was "blown away" by how many people got in touch with her to ask for help.
"Dynasty" star Catherine Oxenberg said it took two years after her daughter India left NXIVM for their relationship to heal.
The documentary series about the NXIVM cult is mind-blowing.
What normal parent would be insanely jealous of their own child?! I never expected it and I certainly didn't want it. But there it was: jealousy. As plain as the nose on my face. It all started just after puberty. I was fourteen when Mom first accused me of trying to "be cute" for my own father. Need I add that it wasn't true? But your Mommy is always right, isn't she?
It's a daunting task to watch a Cults' performance as it unfolds. A sea of screens projecting otherworldly static assaults