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Take the Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW), which recently reached a tentative agreement with Canada Post. Even though Canada Post faces a pension shortfall of $6.2 billion, all reports suggest that CUPW did not make any concessions on defined-benefit pensions.
Union says it doesn't want a work stoppage.
Israel is very relevant to Olivia Chow's candidacy because some of the major proponents of the "Israel as apartheid state" and the BDS movement are key supporters of Olivia Chow and with whom she is identified. It is now time for Ms. Chow to take responsibility for her silence.
Whether PSAC had any credibility on intellectual debate prior to posting these videos is a discussion for another day. The bigger issue is how unions fund these outrageous campaigns. The videos on this website, for example, are professionally produced, with real actors, at who knows what cost.
With the threat of cuts to public services and jobs looming, Canada’s largest unions are imploring Ottawa to reconsider its
CBC -- Legislation that would send locked-out Canada Post employees back to work is expected to be tabled in Parliament Monday
THE CANADIAN PRESS -- OTTAWA - Back-to-work legislation to end the Canada Post lockout was tabled in parliament Monday afternoon
Canadians waiting for that letter from the United States will have to wait a little longer. Starting this weekend the United
CBC Canada Post and its union have stepped away from the bargaining table and there's no immediate word on when they'll start
CBC -- Montreal is the next city for a postal worker walkout as part of rotating work stoppages across the country. CUPW