Dad Life

Viola Davis is urging people to share the clip.
His family works a little bit differently than most.
Here’s a mental exercise: say you’re playing a game of charades.  You’re in a room with some family, and they’re pretty evenly
After a long stretch of working, some downtime with his son.
How many parents were passing ships to their children before the pandemic?
Gift shopping slipped your mind? Don’t worry, we got you.
He hopes his boys' inherent kindness won't be destroyed by anti-Blackness.
This year more than any other, dads will appreciate presents that help communities and causes close to their hearts.
Funny T-shirts, sporty T-shirts, tech- and politics-nerd T-shirts, and shirts for the type of dad whose jokes have launched a million eye rolls.
The "Blue Wiggle" gives us an exclusive inside look at "virtual tour" life, a.k.a. life at home in Australia.