The Kabul building also houses the pro-Iranian Afghan Voice news agency, which may also have been a target in the attack.
"Potential weapons are easy to obtain."
Canadian Armed Forces may be in an “advise and assist” role in northern Iraq, but that doesn’t mean its mission has been combat-free.
Minority groups would be the biggest losers if a new civil war breaks out.
Pope Francis' visit to Egypt April 28-29 is important, as the direction the country takes - peace or continued volatility - will greatly impact the entire region. If Egypt can become a model of stability through interfaith dialogue, reconciliation and a desire to work for the common good, it may very well be the road map to lasting peace in the Middle East.
But the writers are standing behind the joke.
This persecution has personally affected me and continues to cause me great pain, grief and sorrow. I'd like to fall in love with Pakistan again, but something holds me back. It seems to be fear of continuing to lose those that I love most. And so, I have to ask, O Pakistan, when will you stop?
Nov. 13 marked the one-year anniversary of the Paris attacks, where 130 individuals lost their lives as several Islamic State (ISIS) militants brought an onslaught of violence and chaos. The bloodshed and terror was a symbolic and ruthless attack against the western world, as Paris is the epitome of occidental culture, and has represented western ideals since the French Revolution in the 18th century.
The term reportedly angers the so-called Islamic State.
Victory in Mosul will mark a key moment in the fight against ISIL.