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Daniel Dale

Daniel Dale told CNN's Anderson Cooper the president "serially lied" in his hourlong GOP convention speech.
Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale is dropping legal action against Rob Ford after accepting a second apology the Toronto
Rob Ford has apologized to Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale and claimed he did not mean to suggest the journalist was a
If what Rob Ford has been saying about Daniel Dale is untrue, as Dale insists, then I don't blame the reporter for initiating legal action in an effort to protect his reputation. However, I do take issue with his insistence that it's fine for him to remain on the city hall beat for the Toronto Star while he does so. A reporter should be as impartial as possible, which means at a minimum he should have no obvious conflicts with the subjects he's reporting on. And there are few conflicts more obvious than being on the other end of a lawsuit with someone. Dale can't provide objective coverage about Ford at the same time that he's suing him.
Someone is looking to raise $50,000 to help Toronto Mayor Rob Ford pay his legal bills. A campaign on the crowd funding website
Conrad Black has sued plenty of people for libel over the years and now CBC's Carol Off has suggested that the Lord of Crossharbour
Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale will sue Rob Ford for saying that the journalist took inappropriate photos of the mayor's
There they sit facing each other in Toronto City Hall -- two very rich men of much more than considerable girth, strangely similar, radiating mutual admiration, screw-you arrogance and otherworldly chutzpah. This odd couple comes together last Monday on Vision's The Zoomer. It's never the widely advertised interview promised, because the Baron doesn't know how to interview. Instead, it's a chat between two obviously misunderstood innocents. So no tough, probing questions from the Baron to the Mayor along the lines of "have you no shame, sir? No decency?"
Dale also tweeted after the show, thanking followers for their support. The journalist denounced Ford's remarks in an interview
Former baseball star, and current Twitter celebrity, Jose Canseco says he's plotting a run to become Toronto mayor. Canseco