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Danielle Smith

Independent MP Brent Rathgeber wants Canadians to be able to recall their MP if they're unsatisfied with the job he or she is doing.
Politicians should not take electorates for granted, or think they are easily predictable. The Alberta election showed the power of the vote, when the 44-year Tory dynasty lost the confidence of Albertans, that confidence was lost in a spectacular way.
After the defeat of floor-crosserDanielle Smith in this past weekend's Tory nominations, things have taken a surprising turn
Like Us On Facebook Smith lost the Tory nomination in Highwood to Carrie Fischer, a town councillor in Okotoks. Smith said
Over the past few months Premier Prentice and ex-Leader of the Official Opposition, Danielle Smith, have been moving their lips a lot. It ain't pretty, but are they lying?
Follow Us On Twitter To say 2014 was a rough year for the Alberta government would be an understatement. It was a year plagued
Not so long ago, Smith vilified the Progressive Party, branding it as tired, washed up, and spiralling out of control. Alberta faced certain disaster if Progressive Conservatives continued their uninterrupted reign. Smith was fervent. Committed. She would burn down the village to save it.
Are you one of the thousands of Albertans who are upset with Danielle Smith and the eight other Wildrose MLAs who crossed
For some it might just be a smashed coffee mug, but for MLA Kerry Towle it's a sign of hurtful disrespect. Towle, the former
Two short months ago, the Wildrose party was riding high. What could possibly go wrong? Jim Prentice, that's what.