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Daryl Katz

He also just bought the most expensive house ever listed in L.A.
Katz's Edmonton Oilers are struggling this season, but the pharma mogul seems to be doing well for himself.
The "Jane The Virgin" actress said Daryl Katz tried to make a deal with her.
Clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose!
One Edmonton resident decided to take matters in her own hand after growing tired of the constant funding concerns surrounding
A majority of Edmontonians polled were not in favour of the city's recently passed arena deal, which a Richard Ivy School
When news broke that Edmonton city council and the Katz Group had reached a deal to build a downtown arena, it was hard to
The tangled web that makes up Daryl Katz’s donations to the Alberta PCs during this year’s provincial election is massive
How did Edmonton Oilers owner and billionaire Daryl Katz get away with donating nearly half a million dollars to Alison Redford's
After all the negotiations, the back and forth, the high hopes and expectations, all Daril Katz could say after refusing