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day activities

Although the classrooms will be empty for two months, who says the learning has to stop? Taking advantage of holidays, celebrations and festivals presents great opportunities to reinforce teachable moments. And what better summer learning opportunity is there than the biggest birthday party in town on July 1?
Snow, hockey, maple syrup... these activities include all the stereotypical elements of our country!
On Canada Day, teach the kids about all that makes this country great with these fun crafts!
Streaks of fire will fly across the Vancouver sky on Canada Day, as organizers of the day's facilities prepare to shoot sparks
2012-06-26-canadaflag.png Like Canada? For sure. Appreciate Canada? Definitely. But it should not be in our nature -- it certainly isn't in mine -- to love this country. In fact, loving Canada goes against the proprietary level-headedness that makes us so great.