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DC Comics

You'd think it would be a relatively simple matter to successfully translate Superman to the big screen. You'd think Superman, a guy with limitless power, would excite us like he did forty years ago. In the late seventies, it was enough to see a man withstanding a bullet or flying into space. But his abilities have now receded into something too obvious and too simple to stand on their own. This is the way that the superhero genre has itself been transcended by the shifting standards of Hollywood drama.
It's an ages-old debate. OK, maybe not ages, more like decades -- but there it is: which is better, DC or Marvel Comics? Warner
Move over, Captain Canuck and Alpha Flight. Our home and native land's superhero population is set to expand as Justice League
Canadian actors Ryan Reynolds, Seth Rogen, and Stephen Amell have much in common. The former Sexiest Man Alive, funny man and newcomer have each proven that they know how to fight off villains as the notorious super heroes the Green Lantern, Green Hornet, and Green Arrow.