It's not an easy conversation to have with loved ones, but it's necessary.
Our fear of death disconnects us from our families and friends, when one of the good things about it is how it brings us together.
We pay tribute to Alex Trebek, a prime minister, a rock star, an award-winning actress, and trailblazing athletes.
Infectious disease experts say the milestone should be a "wake-up call."
Antoinette Traboulsi was killed in a country she visited many times.
10,100 fatalities were predicted by Nov. 1 in a worst-case scenario.
The bodies were located in Huron-Wendat First Nation near Quebec City.
There are ways to support them and help them understand, even during a pandemic.
Regis Korchinski-Paquet died last week after a police interaction.
She fell 24 floors to her death after officers had arrived at the scene.