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denim trends

Denim goes girly this spring.
Plus-size denim is having its moment.
1. Need to wash your jeans? Don't.
Our denim obsession lives on.
The majority of my wardrobe is denim. It is so comfortable and has come a long way from the days when jeans were stiff and rigid. To find out the latest trends for denim this spring, I spoke with Gary Lenett, Co-Founder/President at Duer Denim and Dish Denim.
Whether you're a farmer in Alberta or city slicker in Toronto, you probably have at least one thing in common: a love for
There’s no better addition to a spring outfit than denim. It serves so many purposes, and despite a brief misstep in the
Typically when I am rolling into Vancouver, I am wearing the cyclist's uniform of a merino wool top, waterproof jacket and stretchy cycling pants. In the back of my mind, I had always thought of how fantastic it would be if I could arrive to a meeting wearing something stylish and comfortable to ride in. My day has finally come.