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Desmond Cole

Black writers can't be expected to continually argue and prove the very basics of their life experiences every time they're granted some space in a publication. Can you imagine a (non-female) sportswriter being quizzed by readers about the foundations of their sports knowledge? Yet open up any Canadian news piece about Black Lives Matter, Islamophobia, or misogyny, and I promise you'll see the equivalent.
"What we really need is structural change."
Samara Canada has indeed become a special place for those looking to be politically engaged. It recognizes the emerging leaders among us, helps us network with the powerful and facilitates smart political discussions among its many achievements.
People who look like you and I are outraged, hurt and disappointed by you and your government. As the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services and a person of colour, you seem to be defending a policy that is racist, arbitrary and discriminatory. How can you ever reform a policy that takes away the basic human rights of ordinary people?
In a world, where reasonable black outrage and passion, is still viewed as militant and fringe, none of these voices mattered for John Tory since he became mayor last year. It is just unfortunate it took four years for the black community to be listened to and mere days for the "other" voice.