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digestive health

We may all think we know that brown bread is generally healthier than white, but when it comes down to the specifics, it's
Drink lots of milk to strengthen your bones and boost your health, doctors say. But a study in The BMJ medical journal Wednesday
WHAT WE'RE COOKING THIS WEEK: Pomegranate They may be messy and a bit of pain to take apart, but pomegranates are worth the
We pee every day and rarely think too much about it. But urinating is a pretty vital function. You need to pee not only so
Who: Andy Mazzucco Age: 16 City: Vaughan, Ont. By The Numbers: 203 at my heaviest, currently 170 pounds of lean muscle for
For anyone who is lactose intolerant, this four-letter word may make shudder. But luckily for you (and the vegans in the
By now, you probably think you've heard of every single superfood in the book — from common "everyday" veggies like kale
You may be the type of person who routinely hits an afternoon slump at work and can only think about coffee or chocolate
WHO: Abbie Hunt AGE: 25 CITY: Kingston, Ont. By The Numbers: 180 at my heaviest, currently 120, for a total weight loss of
Seeds are often an afterthought: they make up toppings for muffins or buns and are often salty or spicy snacks. But it's