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digital privacy act

Whereas businesses are legally required to protect your data, political parties don't have such legal requirements.
It is important to ensure you are doing everything in your power to protect your organization from the potential damage.
As Canadians debate numerous items of legislation that could affect their privacy rights — from the new anti-terrorism bill
The Harper government is set to push through a bill that critics say the Supreme Court has already in effect struck down
Fewer than one in four Canadians support expanding the ability of law enforcement to access information about individuals
Are you worried about what federal political parties are doing with their ever-growing stashes of your personal information? Because you should be. Federal political parties' databases and all the personal information they contain are still not subject to any law (except for some information related to the voters register).
The Supreme Court of Canada last week declared that access to telecom subscribers’ personal information requires a court
For the past several months, many Canadians have been debating privacy reform, with the government moving forward on two
Ever since Edward Snowden’s trove of NSA documents began leaking last year, a steady stream of news has filtered in about
The Harper government’s Digital Privacy Act is being billed as “protection for Canadians when they surf the web and shop