This affects not only who will get the vaccine and when, but also who will be permitted to administer the vaccine to your community.
Devastating cancer diagnoses and critical diseases do not stop for a pandemic.
Their trust in the government has also gone up, but trust in media and corporate leaders has fallen.
Michelle Friesen was diagnosed when she was 36, just 18 months after having a baby.
Court states moral and religious beliefs don't outweigh potential benefits to public.
Recommended group activities include cooking classes, walking groups and art clubs.
They're working to minimize the impact of the losses.
What we really need to be asking is how can all of the health workers in our system better meet the health needs of the population.
In professions where women are quickly becoming the majority, such as medicine, dentistry and pharmacy, only rarely do they occupy leadership positions.
One in five Quebecers still does not have a family doctor and, proportionally, Quebec has fewer doctors than most industrialized countries.