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Don Plett

Despite encouraging Canadians not to travel non-essentially, many officials did just that.
One senator explains the “safeguard” in place to prevent the committee from being beholden to Senate interests.
Independent Sen. Tony Dean says he’s noticed a spike in “intimidating attacks” online.
'It's the proverbial lipstick on a pig.'
"We will certainly be taking a very close look."
Pamela Walllin, Mike Duffy and Patrick Brazeau have gained some new public defenders after a week of debate in the Senate
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he will not be swayed by the extraordinary debate heard in the Senate this week as three
OTTAWA — A Conservative senator says it's possible a review of his expenses by the auditor general could turn up a few genuine
OTTAWA -- The Conservatives have taken their battle with environmentalists to new levels of lunacy, some groups said Tuesday
The Conservatives have a majority in the House, in the Senate and in parliamentary committees, and now they are grabbing