downtown eastside

"The reality is that these aren't documented anywhere and that's incredibly concerning."
A necessity defence could apply to the distribution of cannabis to opioid-addicted adults in the Downtown Eastside.
In November alone, 128 people died from illicit drug use, an average of more than four a day.
Thirty-two years clean, Bill Wong still remembers the "unbearable" pain.
The mayor, premier, and First Nations leaders greeted the royal couple.
I lift my fascinator in fascination of your efforts to advocate so publicly for the candid mental health conversation. It is one we need to encourage and one we owe a social responsibility to facilitate. We need to speak out so our children dare to do so sooner.
City planners and developers need to realize that building a good mixture of home types for people of different incomes and ages, with amenities for people at all stages of their life, is what make a stable, healthy, vibrant city, and one where people want to, and are able to, stay and thrive.
The "Socially Responsible Van" tour is, to be blunt, completely and totally irresponsible. The tour capitalizes on and monetizes the misfortune of others. It lumps all residents of the Downtown Eastside into the same dismissive, downtrodden boat of addiction, poverty and illness.
The production's creator is a sister of one of serial killer Robert Pickton's victims.
Compassion can be found just about anywhere.