drug smuggling

Expect to be handcuffed, thrown and held down, according to the job description.
In 2014, McClelland let a vehicle carrying unconcealed bags of cocaine to cross the border.
Andre Tamine, Isabelle Lagace, and Melina Roberce face potential life sentences if convicted.
We don’t have weapons or anything, “just a bunch of snacks.”
Prosecutors say the snow-camouflaged Quebec man was arrested Wednesday.
The drugs were hidden in laminated floor pieces in a marine container.
TORONTO - The Canada Border Services Agency says 28 kilograms of cocaine was found in a suitcase at Pearson International
VANCOUVER - A traveller is in custody in Metro Vancouver after arriving from Britain literally stuffed with illegal drugs
VANCOUVER - Shipping documents described the contents of a marine container from Russia as food products, but border services
Canada Border Services Agency data analyzed by CBC News shows China was the largest single source of drugs seized between