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Drug Use

MDMA, the main ingredient in ecstasy, is widely consumed to heighten energy, empathy and pleasure.
The good news: drinking, smoking and other drug use is down.
We often create policies that are meant to protect youth, particularly around drug use. But what we actually end up doing is criminalizing and victimizing them further. With regulation we'll actually be able to start to undo some of the harms caused by prohibition - harms a lot worse than the use of cannabis itself.
The War may suffer a slow and prolonged demise, but the end will surely come. Canada can be a leader on these issues. It can steadfastly promote the winding down of the War. Our country should reclaim its position on the international stage, not as a nation of power, but one of humanity.
The Coroners Service wants to warn users to be extra cautious.
I was a true believer in the war on drugs, but at the end of the day, as a physician, I have believe in an evidenced-based approach. The evidence shows that incarceration doesn't work, and decriminalization with offers of treatment do. It's time to ignore dogma and act in the best interests of Canadians. It's time to end this war.
TORONTO - A new study shows prescriptions for high-dose formulations of opioids like oxycodone and morphine jumped by 23
The main groups representing Canadian doctors have declared they will not participate in Health Canada's upcoming anti-drug
TORONTO - The Ontario Safety League urged the Liberal government Thursday to crackdown on corner stores that sell crackpipes
VANCOUVER - A man wielding a knife threatens to kill passersby, another man says he'll burn down an apartment building and