Dwight Duncan

The Ontario Liberals should never have added the provincial portion of the HST to hydro bills in 2010, and a temporary rebate to bring down hydro bills is not the answer. Instead of continuing to manage our electric grid and economy based on the political fortunes of the corrupt Ontario Liberal Party, it is time for the government to get real about doing the right thing for a change.
Laura Miller faces charges in connection with the gas plant scandal.
Dwight Duncan will be interim chairman of the Windsor-Detroit Bridge.
Recent political drama in Toronto has brought its numerous power struggles into the spotlight. Between the hovering possibility of Premier Kathleen Wynne dissolving the city's infrastructure and the ongoing conflicts between Rob Ford and his cabinet, the recurring question is: who really controls Toronto?
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TORONTO - Calling himself "Dalton McGuinty's guy," Finance Minister Dwight Duncan announced Thursday he was quitting Ontario
Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan says gridlock in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area is so bad, it’s holding back
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