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Canada might actually be losing jobs right now; renewable energy is now often cheaper than fossil fuels.
Falling offered wages are a sign of worsening economic conditions.
Minimum wage jobs used to be the domain of teenagers and seniors, but now an increasing number of Canadians are raising families
Given the slump in Canada’s job market this year, wages are holding up reasonably well, StatsCan’s latest survey of payroll
Canadians’ average weekly earnings were unchanged in February, at $925 compared to $922 a month earlier, StatsCan reported
Congratulations, farmers and construction workers of Canada — you guys are making money hand over fist. Or so it would appear
In Canada, the average salary is expected to increase only 3.1 per cent in 2014. Various trends continue to replace straight-up salary increases, such as targeting top performers with bonuses and enhanced reward programs. In fact, this trend toward softer, intangible benefits from companies is exactly what we Canadians have been asking for.
Inflation has been very tame in Canada over the past year, coming in at the low end of the Bank of Canada’s target, but not
Wage growth in Canada has been looking strong in the early months of this year, with average weekly earnings rising 3.1 per
The gap between Canada’s wealthiest earners and everyone else has been growing steadily over the past three decades, Statistics