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eating meat

Is eating meat OK? Is there any way to justify mowing down on this plate of pork cheeks? These were the questions I was forced to confront when I dined recently at one of those downtown Toronto eateries populated with pretty people nibbling on pickled pig parts. My conclusion? I don't eat meat because it's moral. I eat it because it's delicious. Life is just too short to worry about the ethics of everything. And sometimes being bad just feels too good.
Call me an extremist. Say that I'm a hippy, vegan, vegetarian, fanatical, idealist. Tell me that these views are unrealistic and going to destroy the lives of countless farmers. It's hard to talk about eating animals without getting defensive, angry, sad and judgmental. Take a deep breath. Here are five facts about the consequences of being a carnivore.
I decided to become a vegetarian when I was 11. Two months ago I decided to eat meat again. Believe me: I did not make this decision lightly. The reason that I ultimately decided to make the switch was a belief that it was time to re-evaluate the decision of the 11-year-old version of me. Many people used to assume that as a vegetarian I was healthier. People fall into the trap of believing that cutting out one particular food group will make them successful in their quest to lose weight and/or get healthier, but that's simply not true.