They suspect another E. coli outbreak.
The bacteria is behind a recent string of illnesses tied to romaine lettuce.
Oil may minimize risk of cross-contamination, which can lead to foodborne disease.
Roughly four million Canadians are affected by food-borne illness each year.
Federal health officials are recalling packages of ground beef produced by food giant Cargill due to concerns about E. coli
(WASHINGTON-AFP) - Dangerous bacteria -- the kind that cause vomiting and potent infections -- may be able to survive on
Canadian scientists are being asked to find faster ways to test for two dangerous bacteria that can be found in our food
Canada's agriculture minister is weighing in on the heightened E. coli risk in mechanically tenderized meat and what options
A few additions have been made to the XL Foods beef recall list in the past week. Some of the products added include beef
The XL Foods beef recall has been updated a few times since last week. The ever expanding recall, also the the biggest in