Economic Action Plan

The new policy came into effect May 11 and does not apply to "communication products'' placed by previous governments.
But finance department officials said the government could still find a need to advertise aspects of the budget later on.
"The final circle [of Hell] is basically sitting in a room watching Canada Action Plan ads over and over again on a loop
Missing from the plan, however, are important policy enablers for the Canadian labour force. Canada is faced with a changed economy and the labour force has to be more flexible and mobile than ever to meet the demands of employers.
If you're not a fan of the Conservative government or its Economic Action Plan then you'll probably love this clever bit
What we don’t know won’t hurt us. But what we do know just might. That may be a new calculation the federal government is
OTTAWA - The Finance Department has ordered its pollsters to stop asking Canadians potentially embarrassing questions about
Too often, these Economic Action Plan projects seemed like giant lottery tickets, bought with our money, and failing to pay off. Government -- federal, provincial and local -- should stay out of the way, and let investors take the risk on these "easy" money economic development schemes.
Rick Mercer really is a national treasure. And, in case you think this is off base, you may want to know that when asked
Economic Action Plan 2014 is what Canada needs. It continues to support jobs and growth; supports families and communities; and highlights the road to a balanced budget in 2015 without cutting transfers to individuals or the provinces.