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economic forecast

New pandemic restrictions in several provinces mean any growth will likely be halted.
Canada's economic rebound in 2021 won't be enough to bring us back to 2019 levels, economists predict.
Unemployment will be higher than pre-pandemic levels for at least three years, economists predict.
Canadian consumers and businesses were already heavily in debt when the crisis hit. That will make recovery a rocky process.
Our huge borrowing binge will still be way less, proportionally, than what the U.S. is about to do.
The country's ability to attract skilled migrants is making a big difference.
The labour market may not be as healthy as the stunningly strong headline numbers suggest.
A growing number of experts are predicting a recession in the near future. Whether they're right or wrong, the key is not to panic, says HuffPost Canada senior business editor Daniel Tencer.
But the years after will see a bit of a cool-down, forecasts suggest.
Rising interest rates and fading government stimulus could drag down the economy.