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Moby describes this time in his life as "celebratory in the face of squalor" and on many levels that sentiment chimes through each chapter. Providing a private glimpse into his sexual escapades, celebrity encounters, struggles with sobriety and downright shenanigans, the book candidly and often comically details the party before the storm.
Music, much like all art and cultural productions, thrives because musicians are constantly borrowing, sharing, and reacting. Slap a copyright on a chord progression, melody, riff, or a tone and watch the endless variety, one of the most beloved qualities of music and the 21st Century, wither. That's why we're fighting back against TPP copyright extremism.
And their popularity endures even today. Darude's 1999 hit "Sandstorm," for example, hit number 50 on the Canadian dance
In many ways, 2014 felt like a transitional year for electronic dance music. There wasn't any one particular trend leading
Canadian electro-rock band Crystal Castles have split. As reported in NME singer Alice Glass announced she was leaving the
Caribou's Dan Snaith makes electronic music that is often danceable, but the Canadian artist recently got in some hot water
The musician later tweeted another reason why Disney might have looked into legal proceedings against Deadmau5 regarding
Deadmau5 and Mickey Mouse might soon be in a legal battle that to many seems plain goofy. TMZ reports the EDM artist and
The Monstercat Manifesto "Our way of thinking about how music should be treated is different than standard; especially in
With a possible lawsuit on the horizon regarding comments he made earlier in the week concerning the VELD Music Festival