election 2011

OTTAWA - The integrity of Canada's electoral process is at "serious risk" due to rampant procedural errors made by polling
A woman who had been fighting to overturn the election of Conservative MP Joe Daniel is dropping her case after the party's
OTTAWA — Prime Minister Stephen Harper tried to distance himself from accusations Monday that his Conservative Party was
The 2011 federal election was one the most memorable in recent times. Stephen Harper won his first majority government, the
Perhaps the most common misconception is that young Canadians lack faith in democracy. Anyone who believes this simply hasn't looked at the evidence. Youth have just as much (or little) faith in our democratic process as their parents' generations, and it doesn't explain the difference in voter turnout.
THE CANADIAN PRESS -- MONTREAL - Along with a comfy seat in the House of Commons, incoming New Democrat MPs say they've also
CP -- OTTAWA — The Conservative party said Saturday it spent $21 million to win its coveted majority in the May 2 election
Politicians learn a few words of greetings in an immigrant's native language and occasionally dress like them for photo ops, but new Canadians are the Conservative Party's untapped, natural vote bank.
Our election saw a resurgence of the walking undead. The prime minister was, and is, an obvious robot devised by Boeing engineers and manufactured in a right-to-work state.